We offer a wide variety of optional accessories which allow you to customize your shower or bath, in order to best meet your needs.

Offering true freedom and peace of mind, our units feature plywood-reinforced walls so grab bars and seats can be placed nearly anywhere on your unit, before or after installation. Accessories are shipped separately and loose for field installation.

Important Note: Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on your computer monitor and/or on printed representations.

Coming Soon: For compatible products, look on the product pages for available accessory options to purchase. 

Quick Shower Curtain Facts

Curtains are usually no more than a passing thought as one of the lesser essential accessories. Why? Because that is the case with the standard baths and showers, we all grew up with. They all share one feature, tall step-over water dams. For accessible showers it's all about keeping the water in while the shower while in use, which keeps your bathroom floors dry. Dry floors limit anxiety and increase safety, which you're selling to the customer. The curtain designed for barrier free and low-threshold showers installed correctly in combination with a collapsible dam is paramount to effective water control and bather and caregiver safety in all ADA and residential barrier free showers. 

  1. Effective BF curtain’s feature heavy tape weights sewn across the entire bottom seam, not a thin chain or necklace which has no effect.
  2. The curtain’s width must be 15% larger than the shower opening to tuck in to the walls to protect the corners where most water escapes.
  3. The curtain must be hung to make contact with the floor of the shower.

Vinyl has the advantage of price but provides average performance holding water in a real-world environment, as the material is institutional in appearance and stiff. The bather must be careful as the stiff nature of vinyl makes it vulnerable to an inadvertent elbow that, when pushed, can cause the whole curtain to jump over the dam. In terms of ease of cleaning, vinyl must be hand scrubbed. 

Nylon is three times the cost, but as they say, you get what you pay for. The material is lighter; thus, the weight's gravity is stronger, holding the curtain in place and making it the most effective water stopper. The material is flexible. An elbow will not easily move the bottom over the dam; just flex. The curtain fabric is soft and aesthetic and can be machine washed.  

All these tid-bits are the difference makers that professional nursing and risk management folks know.  Now that you know more then you ever thought you needed to know, please share it with your customers & colleagues.