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Renovative Bath Systems is designed for those who value independence and freedom in their lives. But, we also know that you are an individual. With those facts in mind we offer you a variety of barrier-free showers and the ability to customize your shower to meet your needs. Renovative Bath Systems provides true freedom in bathing.

We offer a wide variety of optional accessories which allow you to customize your shower or bath to best meet your needs. With plywood reinforced walls, grab bars and seats can be placed nearly anywhere on your unit, before or after installation. In addition to our twelve shower units, we offer thirteen shower pans, a cantilevered bathtub, and a walk-in bathtub. So not only do you have a choice in accessories, but a choice in features.

What else makes Renovative Bath Systems the right choice
for your bathroom?
Classic styling, uncompromising quality, and unprecedented customer support.


RBS4836BF 4P shown
in White


RBS4836BF 4P shown in
White with RBS accessories

Aesthetically Pleasing
Timeless tile pattern with dimensionally accurate seams that eliminates excessive caulk and virtually disappear as they become grout line.

All wall panels are flat and blocked with 3/8" plywood, accessories such as grab bars and seats can be installed today or years down the road.

Twice the weight and raw materials used in the construction of our showers than listed by any of our competitors. Plywood reinforced core walls and high density base.

Front Side Installation
Aluminum Pin & Slot System allow for a contractor friendly front side installation.

Job Site Friendly Packaging

Each panel is individually packaged, labeled, banded, and crated vertically on pallet. Uncrate in 3 minutes.

An unprecedented 30 year warranty on all AcrylX RBS models. 5 year warranty on RBX acrylic models, and 3 year warranty on RBX AcrylX models and BBS walk-in tubs.

Download our "Why Choose Renovative Bath Systems?" pdf document.


RBS4836BF 4P shown
in White with aftermarket accessories

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