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Frank Donahue is the President of Best Tile in NC (three locations) and the incoming President of the Ceramic Tile Distributor’s Association (CTDA)…

“I fully endorse the Level Entry Shower system…what this does for design is that it helps them (homeowners and specifiers) to design a much nicer environment. I want every customer who comes through our doors to be shown and given the opportunity to do a level entry shower.”

Frank Donahue
President, Best Tile of NC

Looks great and it works like a charm!  No complaints from the caregivers.

indi Petito, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS
Seating Solutions

Kris Carroll serves as Construction Manager for UDS Accessible Home Modifications, bringing with him over 22 of years of diversified experience in the construction industry.  During his time in the field, he has managed a wide variety of projects in both single and multi-family residential developments, as well as numerous commercial projects.   At UDS Accessible Home Modifications, Kris is responsible for overseeing the construction process, purchasing and vendor relations. 

“The LES shower pan for barrier free tile wet room applications is a great system that saves time and creates a Barrier Free tile shower or “wet room” that will stand the test of time.  The innovation of the drain height adjustment and the single adjustable pan size makes the pan work in many different applications.  You order one pan size and you have 6 size options by just cutting it down to the size you need.  This has allowed us to stock a pan that works in many different size applications”.

To Renovative Bath Systems,

As a remodeling contractor in business for my 10th year, I strive to focus on bathrooms as our primary service but must perform various renovations to stay in business.  During my time in business, I have installed every type of common shower system on the market.  In recent years I have gotten away from custom built mud bed shower pans because of the risk associated with warranting them.  The other half of my business consists of diagnosing and repairing/replacing tile shower systems that leak and cause damage to the surrounding areas.  My competitors in the industry have had major problems with custom mud pans, although mine have never leaked, and the labor required to build one is a slow and demanding process.  Once the LES was brought to my attention and I was able to see the finished product in a showroom, I was excited to learn more and potentially incorporate them into our list of options for our customers. 

I knew I had to get trained to install them and it was one of my most valuable education experiences since starting my business!  I recently had the opportunity to install my first one after being trained and am so impressed with the ease of installation, the fail-proof waterproofing process, the built in slope for draining water, the accompanying drain parts, and then aesthetic beauty of the finished product, I am recommending this shower system to all of my bathroom remodel customers regardless of what they think they might want.  Once trained to install this system, I was confident in my abilities to use it successfully because of my overall experience with sub-floor modifications, plumbing, waterproofing, and tile setting while my novice employees were able to understand and perform the installation easily.

This shower system is cutting edge technology and was obviously designed by people that know exactly what the difficulties and potential problems are with the most common shower systems!  I am thrilled about my awareness of the LES!  Now when I go into consultations and initial meetings for bathroom remodels or shower replacements, my goal is to emphasis the significance of the LES with it being the BEST possible solution for our customers and us as installers.  I am preparing pictures and information on the LES right now for my bathroom remodel consultation tomorrow!  All of the showers in my next house will be the LES system and I expect to be installing them for the rest of my career!

Mrs. Sherry in Ocean Isle Beach NC, my first LES customer, said "This shower turned out exactly how we envisioned it would.  It was divine timing that we met when we did because we knew what we wanted but didn't know how or who it was going to happen.  I love this shower and my new bathroom and can't wait to send pictures to all of our friends to show them how well it turned out.  Thank you, you and your guys did a great job!"

Chris Hicks, CAPS
CoastLine Designs
Myrtle Beach / Horry Co., SC

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