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“Safe Remodeling: The New Retirement,” appeared on CNBC. As its title suggests, this video explored what is being done to support aging in place for both those nearing retirement age and their elderly parents. AARP’s Amy Levner appeared in the video, which touched on some UD trends in home remodeling. The video is available on CNBC’s web site:

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“Homes That Help You Take Aging in Stride,” appeared on MarketWatch’s web site. It examines how UD features in homes can be valuable to people of all generations, and features product trends in the bathroom and the kitchen. Included in the video is commentary from Esther Greenhouse, an environmental gerontologist, as well as Mike McGowan, chair of the National Association of Home Builders’ 50+ Housing Council. The video can be accessed via MarketWatch’s web site

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Level Entry Shower System Installation Video

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AARP Demonstration Home Videos

AARP UD Demonstration Home Matt Lauer interview-1998: Produced in 1998, see how this "Home of the Future" built near Richmond, VA lives up to its claim after more than a decade. Build a design from scratch, not a chance. The intended goal and scope of the project was demonstrate and prove how a local prominent builders "best selling design" could be modified with Universal design features to draw main stream buyers. Host Matt Lauer of NBC's Today show and Rick Millard of Access Unlimited tour you through the home, a vision of Leon Harper and the AARP Consumer Housing.

AARP UD Demonstration Home Charlie Gibson interviews home buyers -1998: Charlie Gibson and the ABC GMA production crew visit the AARP "Home of the Future" for an in-depth look at the Universal Design features and interview the home owners, "what attracted you to buy this home". The realtors sold the home to buyers who moved into the Richmond area from California and purchased the home without fore knowledge that it had been a theme project. "we simply loved the features" says buyer Dean Fason.

Eskaton Demonstration Home: The NAHB 50 + award winning home built in 2007 and co-sponsored by the AARP was built to demonstrate the best of today's Universal Design features and technology that make this home as attractive as it is functional. Perspective buyers are interviewed sharing their excitement over attractive safety features appear invisible in this beautiful home.


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