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The Level Entry Shower System represents an evolution in the comfort,
functionality, & durability of the bathroom. By removing the need for
curbs, providing the industry's best water-proofing process, & assuring
the proper pitch-to-drain, the system will make your bathroom:

• Easy to clean and maintain
• Attractive...Universal Design for all ages
• Safe & Accessible
• Much less susceptible to mold & mildew
• Ideal for multiple entry showers
• Water tight…more secure from water damage
• A featured room that enhances the re-sale value of your home





Frank Donahue is the President of Best Tile in NC . . .

Cindi Petito, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS Seating Solutions . . .

Kris Carroll serves as Construction Manager for UDS Accessible Home Modifications . . .

Chris Hicks, CAPS Owner/Operator, CoastLine Designs, Myrtle Beach / Horry Co., SC . . .


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