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Renovative Bath Systems is designed for those who value independence and freedom in their lives. But, we also know that you are an individual. With those facts in mind we offer you a variety of barrier-free showers and the ability to customize your shower to meet your needs. Renovative Bath Systems provides true freedom in bathing.

We offer a wide variety of optional accessories which allow you to customize your shower or bath to best meet your needs. With plywood reinforced walls, grab bars and seats can be placed nearly anywhere on your unit, before or after installation. In addition to our twelve shower units, we offer thirteen shower pans, a cantilevered bathtub, and a walk-in bathtub. So not only do you have a choice in accessories, but a choice in features.

What else makes Renovative Bath Systems the right choice
for your bathroom. Classic styling, uncompromising quality, and unprecedented customer support.


Available Colors: White, Bone, and Biscuit


Grab Bars - (Shipped Loose For Field Installation)
18" Grab Bar - Stainless Steel
18" Grab Bar - White
24" Grab Bar - Stainless Steel
24" Grab Bar - White
36" Grab Bar - Stainless Steel
36" Grab Bar - White
42" Grab Bar - Stainless Steel
42" Grab Bar - White

Decorative Bars - (Shipped Loose For Field Installation)
24" Decorative Bar - Oil Rubbed Bronze
24" Decorative Bar - Satin Nickel
24" Decorative Bar - Polished Brass
24" Decorative Bar - Chrome

Additional Loose Accessories - (For Field Installation)
Seat- Padded 24" x 16" with Four Fold-Down Legs
Anti-Scald Valve - Chrome
Slide Bar / Hand Held Shower
Premium Anti-Bacterial Nylon Weighted Curtain (Off-White)
Curtain Rod - Stainless Steel or White
L-Shaped Curtain Rod - Stainless Steel (for 6060 3P DE)
L-Shaped Curtain Rod - White (for 6060 3P DE)
Collapsible Dam with Horizontal Endcaps - White
Semi-Permanent Dam
Caulkless Drain - Stainless Steel
Flange Trim Molding Kit



RBS4836BF 4P shown
in White with aftermarket accessories

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